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Doggy Parton

My Tennessee Mountain Home Holiday Plush Hide & Seek Puzzle Toy

My Tennessee Mountain Home Holiday Plush Hide & Seek Puzzle Toy

Calling all Dolly Parton fans! Your fur babies can never really have too many toys and Dolly is bringing the Doggy Parton plush toy collection to the home of all dog lovers. This collection features fun and unique designs each representing some of Dolly’s favorite things. Your pet will jump with joy for this ultra-soft squeaky plush toy set. The hide & seek puzzle toy features three perfectly wrapped gifts that hide inside Dolly’s Tennessee mountain home. Designed to keep your furry friend entertained, challenged, and engaged for hours of fun & mental stimulation. Show your love for your fur babies with classic Dolly-worthy attire, accessories, and toys. Pets are our friends, family, and loyal companions. We love playing with them, spoiling, and doting on them and in return they make us feel happier and healthier. Check out the full Doggy Parton collection - we hope you will like it as much as we do!


  • Your furry friend can open their presents year-round with this “hide the presents” toy set
  • Our 2-in-1 interactive play toy set allows you to hide the gifts inside Dolly’s Tennessee Mountain Home
  • This puzzle game will provide mental stimulation and hours of challenging fun for your doggy
  • Spoil your pet with plush toys designed with love and created for country lovin’ canines of all ages to enjoy
  • Doggy Parton plush toy collection features uniquely designed whimsical pet toys with Dolly’s signature personality and charm
  • Plush toys offer hours of entertainment, exercise, play and for some pups they are a cuddle companion at nap time
  • Perfect for a variety of breeds and sizes
  • Quality craftsmanship and durable materials that are designed to last
  • Doggy Parton’s My Tennessee Mountain Home with 3 plush squeaky gift toys
  • Material is made from 100% Polyester outer shell filled with 100% Polyester stuffing

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