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Doggy Parton

Pink Embossed Rubber Treater 2-Pk for Dogs - Large

Pink Embossed Rubber Treater 2-Pk for Dogs - Large

Get ready for a paw-some time with the Doggy Parton Pink Embossed Rubber Dog Treater Toy 2-Pack! Made from tough and natural rubber, these playful treaters are perfect for pups of all breeds and ages. Embossed with whimsical butterfly patterns and Dolly's Signature logo, it's the ultimate treat-dispensing delight that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours!

Show your love for your pets with classic Dolly-worthy attire, accessories, and toys. Pets are our friends, family, and loyal companions. We love playing with them, spoiling, and doting on them and in return they make us feel happier and healthier. Check out the full Doggy Parton collection available in stores and online. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Key Features:

  • Doggy Parton Pink Embossed Rubber Treater 2-Pack for Dogs
  • This vibrant pink treater toy is adorned with beautiful butterfly patterns and Dolly’s signature logo, adding a touch of whimsy to playtime. 
  • Tuck a treat inside the toy, transforming it into a captivating puzzle for your furry friend. Enhance sensory engagement, stimulate your dog's natural instincts, and provide mental stimulation during playtime.
  • Promotes healthy dental hygiene with the textured surface of the rubber material which helps to clean your dog's teeth as they chew.
  • Durable, long-lasting natural rubber without the chemical smell, it’s easy to clean, pleasing to play and chew, and it has a springy bounce your dog will love!
  • Designed for multiple dog breeds and all growth stages, this versatile toy is perfect for puppies and adult dogs alike.

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