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Doggy Parton

Rustic Denim Envelope Bed for Pets - Blue

Rustic Denim Envelope Bed for Pets - Blue

Discover the indulgence of the Doggy Parton Rustic Denim Butterfly Envelope Bed for Pets, where style and comfort collide! Give your furry friend a taste of luxury with this enchanting bed designed to pamper them in true Dolly fashion. Crafted with soft brushed twill, this pillow-shaped bed provides a cozy retreat for your pet to curl up on and dream the day away. Featuring Dolly's signature logo and a delightful butterfly pattern, this bed is a superstar-worthy sanctuary for your beloved pet.

Show your love for your pets with classic Dolly-worthy attire, accessories, and toys. Pets are our friends, family, and loyal companions. We love playing with them, spoiling, and doting on them and in return they make us feel happier and healthier. Check out the full Doggy Parton collection available in stores and online. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Key Features:

  • Let your pet snuggle up in style inside the delightful Doggy Parton Rustic Denim Butterfly Envelope Bed.
  • This pillow-shaped pet bed is designed to create a luxurious sleeping spot, making dreams as sweet as a Dolly Parton melody.
  • Crafted with love, the bed is covered in soft brushed twill that feels like a gentle caress against your pet's fur.
  • Right at the front and center, you'll find Dolly's iconic signature logo, proudly displayed for all to see. It's like your pet is getting a personalized autograph every time they curl up in their special spot.
  • And let's not forget the enchanting butterfly pattern. It's like a whimsical dance of delicate wings, adding a touch of enchantment to your pet's world.
  • Care Instructions: Bed Cover: Machine washable. Bed Insert: Do not wash, Wet wipe and air dry.

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